Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day and vet visit

Eric surprised Avery and I this morning when he got home from working a night shift.  He brought us some breakfast tacos from Mi Ranchito and a box of chocolate chip cookies from Tiff's Treats!  It was so nice! Eric also had to drop off Rolo at the vet's for the day this morning.  He was being put under to have his teeth cleaned, get vaccinations done, a urine test, and have his ears cleaned out.  It was weird being home all day without our big boy.
After breakfast, I got Avery dressed in her Valentine's Day shirt and let her open a present from her grandpa Rick and grandma Liz.  Grandma Liz has always done something special for her girls on Valentine's Day and has started the fun tradition with Avery.  They sent her a really cute personalized red headed doll from Red Envelope.  It is adorable!
Avery sitting with her doll named Avery!
The dolls dressed has Avery's name on it.  Thank you so much for the awesome gift grandpa Rick and grandma Liz!
Grandma Charlene sent us all cards and is going to be taking Avery shopping when she comes to visit in March.  What girls don't enjoy shopping!?  Grandpa Tom and grandma Jan sent Avery $20 to get a special treat, so Avery and I went to the store today to pick something out.  I've been wanting to get her the Fisher Price Musical Seahorse for awhile.  I know this toy says it is more for an infant, but really... what young infant can actually press it and make the thing work?  Avery is really into carrying around stuffed animals and baby dolls, especially if they play music or talk.  She loves it.  I also got her some Disney Princess bath squirt toys.
Our play room bulletin board is getting full this month!  We have lots of Valentine's Day cards from family and friends hung up.
Around 3:30 this afternoon, Eric and Avery went to pick up Rolo at the vet.  He did wonderful at his appointment and everything checked out perfect with him, except for a yeast infection in his ears (very common for labs).  We have to give him an antibiotic for a few days and use a special rinse to clean his ears.  We have a very healthy and happy Rolo Brown!

Once Avery was in bed, I started preparing dinner for Eric and I.  I made chicken cutlet parmigiana with French cut green beans.  It was delicious!  And no, I didn't eat that massive plate of food!  My eyes are bigger than my stomach, so all my leftovers are in a container for Eric to bring to school tomorrow for lunch.  We polished off the rest of the chocolate chip cookies.
Even though Eric has been working in the study on school work all day, it was still nice to have everyone home for Valentine's Day.  Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones you love!

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