Tuesday, February 28, 2012

saying good bye and cupcake liner wreath

Today was our last day with my parents visiting.  They are headed back to Florida to visit my grandparents before going home to Virginia on Saturday.  I know they had a great visit and we loved having them here.  Avery always loves having her grandparents around.  We got out and about and did lots of shopping and dining out at our favorite restaurants.  I miss seeing my parents.  It is really hard living all the way in Texas away from them.  I got pretty emotional dropping them off at the airport today.  We aren't scheduled to fly to Virginia until the end of September... so I probably won't see my parents for 7 months.  It breaks my heart that they won't see Avery again until her second birthday.  I'm hoping we can somehow work out a visit in June, but we'll see. 

I slacked with blogging and taking pictures this week.  That always seems to happen when we have family visit or we go to visit family.  I just get too involved with what we are doing and forget about taking pictures.  Here are a few pictures from the last day or two.  Avery playing and putting the little picnic blanket from her picnic set on her head. 
My mom and Avery this morning before heading to the airport. 
Mom and dad with Avery. 
Over the week, I've got my mom addicted to Pinterest.  She came across this really cute and easy cupcake liner wreath and wanted to make one.  It turned out so cute!  Now I have a very inexpensive way to make different holiday wreaths for the front door. 
My parents told me that they bought my grandma a brand new laptop.  She doesn't have a computer at all.  My dad is going to help her get it all set up this week when they are with her so she can email, read my blog, and use Skype.  I'm so excited for her. 

My plans for the rest of the day are to do basically nothing.  We've been on the go since my parents arrived.  It's pretty cloudy and wet outside today, so I'm content lounging around the house and relaxing.  As for the rest of the week, we don't have any set plans.  I need to get the house back to normal and cleaned up, as well as getting some grocery shopping done.  Avery just went down for a nap and I think I might do the same. 

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