Friday, December 9, 2011

Vintage Christmas 2010

I wanted to share some pictures of Avery from last year around Christmas.  These were all taken in the month of December. 

Here she is in her cute Christmas themed pajamas. 
Asleep after all the excitement of opening presents!  Here she is surrounded by some (not all!) of her many Christmas gifts! 
All dressed up on Christmas day!
Smiling big with her stocking and in another cute Christmas pajama.  She lived in these one piece outfits when she was really little. 
Baby's first Christmas!
This picture makes me laugh.  She looks like a little gangster!  Her expression just makes me want to say "I'm a G!". 
I love the Christmas season!  Santa will be stopping by our house in 16 days!

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  1. Yay --- I remember this baby lover...I was there in December 2010 :)