Saturday, December 17, 2011

saturday fun with friends

This afternoon I had my friend Emily and her daughter Sophia come over for a play date and lunch.  It was nice to just lounge around the house in sweats and let the girls play.  The big brown dog was very excited to see another friend down at his level.  Sophia loves him.
I brought some of my small Coach bags out so the girls could carry them around and put things inside them.  That is one of Avery's favorite things to do!  I think I'm going to have a little material girl on my hands as she gets older.
Sharing a little girl talk.  Coach bags in hand.
Playing and checking things out.  I think every toy we own was dragged between the family room and the play room.  The girls had so much fun, even with a little bit of crankiness.
Avery holding onto a bag in each hand.  One at her feet.
Sophia loved this toy!  She was pushing and dragging it all over.  I think it is going to be added to her Christmas wish list.
Some more serious playing.
Our serious lunch of some delicious Chinese food.  I think it has been over a year since I had Chinese food and it was SO good!  We scarfed it.  We had huge Cokes to wash it all down with.  YUM!
Sophia decided she wanted to hang out in Rolo's crate this afternoon.  Rolo gave her the grand tour.
Little miss happy!
We had a great afternoon with our friends!  Tomorrow I have lots of cleaning to do.  Happy Saturday!

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  1. The pictures are wonderful! We had a great time.