Friday, December 16, 2011

santa's little helper

I feel like a broken record saying we had another day around the house today.  We haven't had much going on lately.  We didn't have set plans with friends this week and I didn't want to start on my cleaning until this weekend so the house was all ready to go when our family gets in town on Tuesday morning.  We do have plans this weekend though!  Tomorrow my good friend Emily and her daughter Sophia are coming over for a play date and lunch.  On Sunday I am doing a really good cleaning of the house and all of the laundry.

Today Avery wore her Santa's Little Helper outfit that her grandma Charlene sent her.  She is obsessed with these little chubby books.  She loves carrying them around and flipping through the pages.  The pages have little flip open pictures that she likes to look at.
I promise there is only water in that cup!  HA!
Today we did lots of playing, Avery took a two hour nap, we took a family walk, I made some queso as a dinner appetizer, and then a cheese chicken broccoli casserole for dinner.
I'm really looking forward to having family here with us for a week!  I can't wait to do more Christmas shopping, tons of baking, watch Christmas movies, go out to some of our favorite restaurants, cook a big Christmas dinner, and just have a good time together.

Good night!


  1. Avery is adorable! Love all her Christmas shirts! Can't believe Christmas is almost here!

  2. She looks so pretty in red! Love the little shirts. She has a ton of them!! :-)