Sunday, December 4, 2011

mini update with pictures

Alright, I finally uploaded some pictures from the past couple of days.  I promise to get back to normal blogging this week!

Avery loves playing with my Coach and Louis Vuitton bags.  She has good taste. 
She likes to put stuff in them and then take it back out. 
Walking around in her brand new girl colored camo print squeaker sneakers!  She thinks these shoes are great and they encourage her to walk around more. 
The adorable appetizer dishes Angie got me for Christmas!  We all know I LOVE anything animal print!
Just playing around the house, pushing her shopping cart around.  It is raining and cold out today.  We've had rain the past few days, but today is the first day the temperature has dropped.  Tomorrow is going to be even colder! 
We didn't check the mail yesterday, so I went to check it today.  Avery's other shoes got delivered!  They are squeakers just like her sneakers.  They are super cute.  The animal print shoes are a little bigger so she won't be wearing those for awhile, but the pink Mary Jane's fit perfect.  Of course, after letting Avery look at her new shoes for about 5 minutes she ripped a bow off.  I'll be super gluing it back on tonight. 
Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Taylor's grandma got her that shopping cart for Christmas. Glad to see it's such a big hit!

    Baby girl shoes are the cutest!