Monday, December 12, 2011

jingle bell monday

Today was just a lazy Monday.  Avery and I spent the morning playing around the house.  I put Avery in another one of the Christmas tops that grandma Charlene made her.  This one says Jingle Bells on it.  I love dressing Avery in all of her cute holiday outfits. 
Avery has always been a morning napper.  Today she just would not take a nap and was extremely cranky.  Maybe she is going to start moving her nap a little later for me.  To keep her happy, I let her bang around on some baking pans with a wooden mixing spoon.  She did end up napping this afternoon from 12:30 to 2:30!  While she napped, Eric stayed at the house and I ran out to Super Target for a few things and just a little alone time.  It was so nice!
When I got back to the house, Avery was awake.  Eric took Avery and Rolo on an hour long walk while I started preparing dinner.  I made potato cheese soup.  It is one of my favorite winter meals.  Eric also made some beer bread in the bread maker to go with it.  Here are Avery and Rolo watching Eric outside bringing the trash and recycling bins up to the house. 
Avery rediscovered one of her teething toys today.  She never really got how to use this strawberry when she was younger.  It vibrates and feels good on the gums.  She loved it and kept giggling while she chewed on it.  I'll have to keep that one out for her to use!
When I was at Super Target, I picked up a refillable dish soap dispenser.  I know it looked really tacky to have my big old Ajax container hanging out on the kitchen sink!  I've been wanting to get something like this for awhile.  It looks so much better!  I like my dish soap on the sink instead of underneath because I am always using it. 
After dinner and bath, Avery and I just relaxed and played in the family room.  She was in a really playful mood.  She likes to just lay on the floor and wait to be tickled.  She had a case of the sillies tonight as I like to call it.  She was crawling all over me, laughing, sitting in my lap... I love when she is all fun and lovey.  Sometimes the evening is my favorite part of the day.  She is rocking her Girls Rock pajamas with guitars all over them.  I know my brother is probably loving these pjs!  :)
Only 8 more days until we have family visiting for Christmas and we can't wait!  Hope everyone had a great Monday! 

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  1. The Christmas shirts are just adorable that Charlene made. I love them!! Too cute. :-)