Thursday, December 15, 2011

rainy day and new bows

Today was another lazy day around the house except for a quick morning run out.  I dressed Avery in her third Christmas top that grandma Charlene made her.  This is my favorite one!  You'll be seeing Avery wear lots of Christmas gear over the next couple of weeks because I want to get some use out of it.  I can't wait to put her in her adorable Christmas jumper I found at Dillard's.
After breakfast and coffee, we headed over to the South Park Meadows shopping center.  I feel like I live over there.  That is where our Super Target is and I do the majority of our grocery and toiletry shopping there.  I finally signed up for one of their red cards to get 5% back on all my purchases on top of sales and coupons.  We also stopped in Bath and Body Works to do an exchange and get some refills for our wallflowers.  We have lavender chamomile in them now and the house smells wonderful.  After our two stops, we came home because this is what the day looked like.  Chilly and rainy.  Perfect day to hang out at home.
After morning snack, a rather messy lunch, and long two hour nap... we needed to put on a fresh outfit.  She is wearing her rainy day frog outfit.  We did some playing this afternoon and snacked on Goldfish crackers.  Those are a staple in our house.
Avery likes to feed Rolo her snacks.  Whenever Avery has a snack, Rolo is right at her feet waiting for something to drop or to be fed.  It's pretty funny to watch.  He is always super gentle with her and doesn't get in her face to get food.  He is such a good boy.
We walked to the mailbox before dinner and the bows I ordered for Avery arrived!  I was so excited.  I ordered these three cute bows from Juju Boutique, my new favorite Etsy shop to order bows from.  I had the letter "A" put on the hot pink and navy blue bows.  And I just HAD to get her a cheetah print bow!
We are really building quite the bow collection!  Bows are so much fun and so addicting to buy.
This evening I am doing a small load of laundry, washed a few dishes, and wrapped the last two Christmas presents I had.  Everything is under the tree now.  I'm so happy that all of my Christmas shopping, mailing, and wrapping is DONE!  I'm on my own tonight and Avery is already asleep... so I'm going to see what Christmas movies I can find on TV.  Have a good night!

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