Thursday, December 22, 2011


Wow, the past couple of days have been really busy!

Tuesday afternoon we went to the airport to pick up grandma Charlene and uncle Brian.  When we got home we all had a snack, and then Charlene and I left for Super Target and Sam's Club to get some groceries we needed for all our baking.  We had some delicious spaghetti and crock pot meat sauce for dinner that night and just hung out before bed.

Yesterday was a fun day.  Eric made a big pancake and sausage breakfast for everyone.  While Avery took her morning nap, we all got showered and ready for the day.  The boys and Avery headed out to Rudy's BBQ and the mall for the afternoon to do some Christmas shopping.  Charlene and I went over to Chipolte for lunch, then came back home to start all our holiday baking.  We made peanut butter blossoms, stuffed snicker doodles, Samoa cookie bars, and we are going to work on lemon bars today (we ran out of steam!). After we baked those three treats and the guys got home with Avery, Charlene and I headed over to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures.  Man, it sure felt nice!  I never get that done so it was truly a treat!  I would love to get that done once a month plus an eye brow wax.  :-)  I got my favorite color on my fingers and toes: I'm not really a waitress.  For dinner we made a chicken and veggie stir fry with basmati rice.  And of course chowed down on goodies for dessert.

This morning, Eric and Charlene took both cars to have oil changes, tires rotated, and inspections done.  They are also stopping at Costco to look at a chest freezer for Eric.  We need it for when he brews beer and it has to ferment at a certain temperature.  That is going to be one of his big Christmas presents this year and it is something that he has wanted for awhile.  It is really hard to regulate temps here in Texas, especially during our long hot springs and summers.  We are planning on going out to eat for a late lunch early dinner.  Charlene and I still need to go shopping at some point today for more stocking stuffers.

I'm proud to report that Avery went down for a nap this morning WITHOUT her bottle of milk!  We have GOT to break the habit because it isn't good for her teeth and mouth.  She will get milk at meals and water the rest of the day in her cups.  Once we break this bottle habit, I'm sure the pacifier will be next!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures from yesterday!  No pictures to add in this post.  Have a great Thursday!

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  1. What in the hell is Chipolte? We have a restaurant that sounds like that back in Colorado, we call it Chipotle. Does Chipolte do burrtios?