Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the last few days around here

I just realized today that I haven't written a post since the 24th!  We have just been busy and having fun around here.

On the real Christmas day we spent the day at home with the exception of taking Brian to the airport.  We snacked on goodies and ate home made chicken and noodle soup for dinner.  Charlene made these amazing home made noodles and biscuits!  We also decided to take down our Christmas decorations on Christmas.  I put everything up on my own, but wanted the help taking it all down and getting it back up in the attic.

Yesterday, Charlene and I headed out early in the morning to the stores.  We had some returns and exchanges we wanted to do.  We also did some shopping and stopped for lunch.  We left the house around 8:30am and got home around 3pm.  Eric and I had a dinner date last night.  We went to Jack Allen's Kitchen and it was great!  We'll be going back for sure.  It was so nice to enjoy a dinner without having to deal with a one year old at the table.  Charlene stayed home and got Avery fed, bathed, and in bed before we got home. NICE!

This morning we didn't do much.  We had breakfast and coffee.  We got Charlene all packed up and ready to go.  Charlene did a little sewing for us (turned some king size pillow cases into standard size since we don't have king pillows, and she also took in two pair of pants for Avery so she could get use out of 24 month clothes that she won't be wearing in the spring/summer months).
It is always a bummer to have family leave.  I am looking forward to getting back to normal around the house.  I have tons of cleaning and laundry to start working on this week, and the usual errands to run.  I'm glad that we do have visitors already lined up for next year!  My parents already have plane tickets to come the end of February and Charlene is coming the middle of March.  It is always nice to have visits to look forward to!

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