Thursday, March 15, 2012

day one and two

We've really been enjoying our time so far with grandma Charlene.  She got in really late on Tuesday night (didn't get to the house until 1am).  Avery surprised us all the next morning by sleeping in until 8:15am!  It was so nice!  Eric made us all scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.  Then we headed out for our day.  We made a HUGE Costco run. 
Avery and I at Costco (please excuse that nasty pimple on my face, I'm breaking out like a 15 year old).  And Avery snacking on some pumpkin bread... who doesn't love samples at Costco?!
After our Costco run, we had to run everything back to the house and unload it.  The entire back of my Explorer was full, including two big coolers.  Yes, in Texas you bring coolers to the stores because it gets too hot in your car.  Then we went over to Waterloo for lunch. 
Avery wanted to walk up the stairs like a big girl. 
Avery enjoyed chowing down on her grilled cheese sandwich and fruit.  The rest of us enjoyed our lunches too.  Eric and I got burgers and Charlene got a salad. 
Avery stuffed a big piece of grilled cheese in her mouth and just let it hang there!  She is too much sometimes.  I love her. 
Walking back to the truck all full from lunch.
We got back to the house around 2pm and it was time for Avery to take a nap.  She ended up sleeping for a couple hours.  We just hung out around the house and relaxed.  When she woke up, we decided to take a quick trip to the park before dinner.  She had a blast swinging and going up and down the playscape. 
Today we spent most of the day around the house.  Eric and Charlene wanted to tackle the massive job that is our backyard.  We've had a decent amount of rain here this past month.  It has also been really warm.  And that means in the great state of Texas, your yard becomes a jungle of nasty sharp huge weeds.  With Eric being so busy working and in school, there hasn't been much time for yard work.
While Eric and Charlene worked outside, I got dinner prepped and started in the crock pot.  I also got some laundry started and a little cleaning done.  Avery loved being outside and mastered going up and down the steps out back. 
The Lancaster Jungle. 

Eric and Charlene stopped working at lunch time.  We all ate sandwiches together and then Avery went down for a two hour nap.  Eric had to go to a doctor appointment, so Charlene and I ended up taking short naps in the living room.  Once Avery woke up, us girls headed over to Super Target to pick up some groceries. 
We all enjoyed some yummy spaghetti for dinner tonight.  Eric is working over night, so it is a girls night!  Tomorrow Charlene and I are heading out to do some shopping.  I'm looking forward to an afternoon out!

Have a great night!


  1. I wrote about our crazy weeds too...we had a jungle too! I recognize South Park you live near there? We live in South Austin as well :) Enjoy the rest of your time with grandma Charlene!

    1. I'm happy to say we only have weeds like that in the backyard! Yes, we are in south Austin off Manchaca :-)