Friday, March 23, 2012

rough morning, better afternoon

 This is how my morning started.  Ginger ale and saltine crackers.  Eric and I both didn't feel well going to bed last night, over night, and this morning.  We are both feeling better now thankfully! 
 Thought I would share what came in the mail yesterday afternoon.  I ordered two new smocks for Avery.  Yes, the one dress is a Christmas dress.  I got a great deal on it and it is a size 3T so it will last for a few Christmases!  The purple floral is adorable for spring and summer. 
 The weather has been so beautiful here lately.  Avery has been wearing all of her new spring and summer clothes. 
 She loves playing with her babies.  She was lining them all up together on her glider this morning. 
I just finished picking up around the house and washing dishes.  Avery is taking a nap and Eric is at school.  I'm thinking once she wakes up we might venture out for a treat.  Happy Friday!


  1. Avery has the cutest clothes! I love those smocked dresses. Have a great weekend! ~Andrea

  2. Thanks Andrea! I'll be checking out your blog and have a wonderful weekend as well :-)