Sunday, March 25, 2012

sunday phone photo drop

I wanted to share some random photos that I've taken over the past week using my iPhone.  Sometimes its just easier to use that instead of busting out the big Canon. 

Here is little miss sass.  And let me tell you, she has been very sassy lately.  She is really getting a little attitude and doesn't like the word NO.  She thinks it is funny which is really frustrating.  But she is just so darn cute!
Taking a walk to get the mail.  She just had to carry her water with her. 
This morning Avery and Rolo hung out playing and watching cartoons together. 
On our walk at the trail today.  We've started going over to the Arbor Walk trail in the late mornings.  I really enjoy being on the trail with other people.  It is 1.4 miles around and we do two laps.  Avery likes hanging out in her stroller.  I always make sure to bring water and plenty of snacks for her. 
Avery on the trail. 
This one isn't super clear but I like it anyways.  Little smiley pants. 
Avery is napping and Eric is at the coffee shop studying.  I'm enjoying my quiet afternoon.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Avery is adorable! Enjoy your quiet time!!

  2. Taylor is getting the same attitude thing going on. Gah, so frustrating!

    I love Avery's hair!

  3. What kind of DSLR do you have? I just got the T2i last week and I love it!