Tuesday, April 3, 2012

tuesday randoms

Today Avery and I started our day with our morning walk at the trail.  We got over to the trail around 9am.  I'm happy that I was able to run at three different times during my walk while pushing Avery in her BOB stroller.  It was hard, but I'm happy I did more than walk today.  I'm going to try and do a little more each time I get out there.  The eating well is the hard part for me.  I have good and bad days.  I'm hoping to go with my mom to a Weight Watchers meeting when I am home in VA next week.

After we left the trail, we needed to make a couple of stops.  We stopped at the post office to mail a small package and pick up a box from grandma Charlene.  Then we needed to stop at HEB for a few random grocery items.  I like to stop in there for the whole wheat tortillas and pico de gayo that is freshly made.  I also got Avery a new Disney Princess insulated sippy cup.
This afternoon while Avery was napping I started making my packing list for VA.  We leave a week from today.  I'm so excited to spend two weeks at home with my family, but I'm still nervous about flying alone with Avery.  I'm sure I forgot some stuff on this list, but I'm still working on it!
Since the weather is still up and down in VA, I picked up a few new things for Avery at Old Navy.  I got her a new hoodie, pair of boot cut jeans, and some pink and gray leggings.  I picked up the purple leggings at Target for $2!  They match perfectly under a dress Avery already has.  She has a bunch of tops that will match the jeans and leggings.  I think we'll be doing lots of mixing and matching and layering while on vacation.  She'll need all this stuff when we go to CO in May too.
We got a box in the mail the other day from my parents.  They sent Avery a couple cute new outfits from Target for Easter.  I didn't realize they where for Easter, and Avery totally already wore the top and shorts yesterday!  Oops.  :-)
I picked up the tortillas and pico this morning because I made chicken tacos for dinner.  This always turns out so good.  It is super easy too!  My house always smells great when I make chicken tacos.
Some delicious taco goodness!
Avery enjoyed eating some tacos too.  She made a huge mess.  She got a bath in baby wipes.  I'm bathing her every other day now because her skin is very sensitive.  She is currently having a breakout of eczema, so she has dry splotches all over her collar bone area and neck.  She has it on the inside of her elbows too.  We now use all Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy  products since those seem to work best for her skin.
We just had a little passing thunderstorm and rain.  Avery is in bed, so I'm going to relax and watch some of my shows tonight.  Fashion Star and 16 and Pregnant are both on tonight!  Tomorrow I'm looking forward to driving up to Angie's house.  I am taking bluebonnet pictures of the kids and then we are hanging out for awhile in the afternoon.  Have a great Tuesday night!

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