Wednesday, March 28, 2012

our yard and some news!

Wow, look at me with two posts today!  Eric worked in the yard today.  He trimmed and mowed and pulled some weeds.  The yard is looking much better than it did.  We're also having a lawn service come monthly to spray to help with the nasty weeds we get.  If you live in Texas, you know what I'm talking about.  Here is the front of the house. 
One of the front tree beds.  We didn't plant any new flowers.  These are coming back from last year.  Eric is calling them zombie flowers. 
The side bed on the left side of the house. 
Our big and pretty oleander! 
The backyard... look no weeds!
We have some bird friends that moved in with us recently.  There is a nest with a mommy bird and a few baby birds!  I hear them in the mornings all the time.  We have seen the mommy feed all the little babies too.  It is pretty cool. 
Eric was able to get a shot of all the baby birds asleep in the nest this afternoon.  They are all wrapped up with one another. 
And just for fun... Avery after her nap... pushing the ottoman around with her cup of milk reading her new catalog from Shrimp and Grits Kids.  I guess she wants some new clothes!
I have some news!  I'm going to face a fear in a couple weeks.  I sucked it up and bought plane tickets for Avery and I to fly home to Washington DC to visit my parents for two weeks.  Flying makes me anxious and scares me.  Avery has flown before, but with both Eric and I.  Avery is getting her own seat on the plane sitting in her car seat.  I think that will be easier than trying to hold and wrestle her in my lap for 3.5 hours.  I'm planning on bringing lots of good snacks and new goodies to play with while in the air.  Besides the flying part, I am SO excited to be going home! 

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