Monday, March 19, 2012

last few days with grandma charlene

Sunday was a day around the house.  Eric and his friend Rusty spent a good portion of the day out in the garage brewing beer.  Grandma Charlene and I stayed inside working in the master bathroom and watching Avery. 
We made some delicious Reuben sandwiches and coleslaw, along with some red grapes for our lunch.  The guys really loved having a great lunch made for them after working outside for so long.  After lunch, we cleaned the kitchen up, then headed over to Super Target for a few things.  I wanted to get some new hand towels and bath towels for our bathroom.  When we got home, Avery played outside in the front yard for awhile.  She enjoyed playing in the dirt and mulch. 
She also fell and got her first skinned knee.  Poor baby.  Didn't even cry.  She just got right back up and kept trucking. 
So here are the before and working in the bathroom pictures. 

And here is the bathroom all finished!  I love how it turned out!
Fresh paint, new towels, and a very clean bathroom!
We had such a wonderful time with you grandma Charlene!  Avery loved having you around to love on her and play with her.  Thank you for all your help around the house and for treating Eric and I this week.  We'll miss you and can't wait to visit you in May! 

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  1. The bathroom looks amazing! The color is just perfect. We also have a blue/green-ish bathroom with brown linens. Great taste ;)

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