Saturday, March 17, 2012

day three and four

Yesterday I dressed Avery in one of her new smocked bubbles for a day of shopping with grandma.  Eric let us girls go to the mall and out to lunch while he stayed home and did some things around the house. 
My pretty little girl before heading out for the day.  It is so hard to get her smiling on camera, so I was so happy to see some smiles!
We headed over to Barton mall.  We got Avery two new pair of shoes at Stride Rite and a couple new outfits.  We had lunch in the food court at Panda Express.  We stopped at the grocery store after the mall for a few groceries we needed for preparing our St. Patrick's Day feast.  Avery was such a good girl and had a lot of fun being out with the girls. 
When we got home, Eric informed us that the AC was not working in the house.  I was surprised since it was just serviced about a month ago.  We wanted to have it checked before it was triple digit weather.  We have someone coming out Monday afternoon to fix our AC.  Thankfully the weather has been really pretty here the past couple days.  We've had our windows open and fans on.  The warmest it got in the house was 80 degrees yesterday but it was because we had the oven on. 
After dinner last night, Charlene and I decided to go back out to some stores.  We picked up more dog food and dog treats for the big brown, another new outfit for Avery and a top for me at Kohl's, and a new cake pan at Bed Bath and Beyond.  On our way home we decided to pick up some frozen custard for dessert. 

Today is St. Patrick's Day!  We all dressed the part, but Avery looked the cutest of course!
Avery and Eric before heading out to lunch. 
We decided to have lunch at Hopdoddy off South Congress.  Downtown was buzzing because of SXSW, but we got there around 11am before the crowds.  They have fresh custom burgers and fries.  It is a modern feel restaurant.  It was absolutely delicious.  I think we found our new favorite burger place in Austin.  Avery liked sitting in a booster seat like a big girl. 
Walking back to the truck after lunch.  Avery would much rather be walking around than in her stroller now. 
When we got home from lunch, Avery went down for a long afternoon nap.  Eric and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  It felt weird not pushing Avery in the stroller!  Once Avery woke up from her nap, I got her dressed in some play clothes and we headed out back to play with her new bubble making lawn mower. 
Checking out the bubbles.  She was still more interested in going up and down the three steps off the back patio than playing with her toys. 
We prepared a traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner.  We had corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.  I had never had this meal before and really enjoyed it.  We have leftovers, so for lunch tomorrow we are making Reuben sandwiches! 
While we enjoyed dinner, it was SO great to see this on the TV.... BASEBALL spring training games!  We are so excited that baseball season is starting.  We love our Colorado Rockies!
Avery stayed up pretty late with us this evening.  She hasn't been going to bed at her early 6pm the past few days.  She hasn't been falling asleep until around 8pm.  She was happy drinking her milk and playing with her toys.  Check out her first big girl night gown!
On Wednesday we did some major shopping at Costco.  We picked up a bunch of fresh vegetables that we have cut up and divided into vacuum sealed bags for meals.  We made small bags of spinach, red pepper, and mushrooms to use for scrambled eggs.  We just have them all in the freezer and ready to go.  Charlene and Eric worked on these bags after dinner while I kept Avery occupied. 
Once Avery went to bed, we started on another project.  We started prepping our master bathroom for painting tomorrow.  We are going to do two accent walls with the same color blue/gray paint we used on the accent wall in the master bedroom. 
We bought the paint to do this project almost a year ago.  It is about time we did this project!  I'm looking forward to how nice my bathroom is going to look afterwards!  Paint makes such a different in a house. 
We are finishing our night off with angel food cake, cool whip, and strawberries and blueberries for dessert. 
Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day! 

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