Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grandma Charlene's Last Day

I know I mentioned in my last post that today would be Grandma Charlene's last day in Texas.  And I am really bummed.  Eric's mom came to stay with us the entire month of April.  She had a total hip replacement done the beginning of March and is off work until the beginning of June.  She is moving around and feeling great!  I feel like she was down here helping us more than we where helping her!  It was so great having her here.  She helped SO much with Avery, cooked some awesome meals, sewed some really pretty goodies for Avery and I (bibs, burp cloths, shopping cart/high chair cover, Avery's bedroom wall hanging, my super cute diaper bag, and helped me make Avery a crib quilt), ran errands with me and helped clean up around the house.  Thank you so much for spending April with us Grandma Charlene!  

This morning, Avery was very interested in the sewing machine!  Here she is helping make the last of the bibs!
 We didn't really do anything today since we had to go to the airport around 2pm.  We played on the guest room bed and relaxed.

The two rooms in these pictures (the study and guest room) are on my huge to do list!  I haven't done much with either of those rooms since we moved in, so I'm planning on starting on it.  We finally sold our treadmill and it is being picked up tomorrow!  Once that is out of the study I'm going to make that room half study (desk and book shelf) and half play room for Avery.  We need a place for all of her large toys.  I'm planning on buying an espresso colored cubbie dresser with primary colored baskets to hold her toys and books.  I'd also like to get some nice pictures printed to hang on the wall as well.  In the guest room, we already have a white and navy blue curtain so I'm on the hunt for a bedding set to match it.  Not sure if I want to paint that room or not, but it definitely needs some touch up paint done of the original color.  

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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