Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Additions to Avery's Room!

Avery has a few new wall hangings in her bedroom!  This first one her grandma Charlene made for her.  I love it!  It is brown and pink and the fabric has tiny white polka dots on it.  We hung it above her dresser.  
 The small wall by her bedroom door now has two cross stitch pictures, the top was made by grandma Charlene and the bottom was made by grandma Jan.  They are both adorable and look so pretty!
 I painted these wooden letters to hang above her changing table.  That wall was so empty, so I'm happy I finally got her name finished and hung up!
Today I painted over a few spots in Avery's room that needed touch ups.  I'm planning to buy a wooden flower coat hook to hang in her room.  I'm going to paint it with pinks and greens so she has a place to hang her little hoodies on!


  1. Sooo cute! You have a couple of talented Grandmas!! Those are so sweet, awesome little keepsakes for Avery.

  2. There are cupcakes on your blog! So awesome! Love your posts. Keep it up. Avery's room must be so cute.