Saturday, April 7, 2012

catching up over the past few days

It's been awhile. I know.

On Wednesday, I drove up to Pflugerville to hang out with Angie and the kids. She wanted to get some pictures of her kids in the bluebonnets, so we packed up and headed over to a really pretty park. I got some cute shots of her kids, and just a few of Avery. She wasn't trying to cooperate with me that day! This was the best one of her out of the bunch.
On Thursday we got our secret Easter gift from one of our friends in Massachusetts.  Avery got three new books (two have stickers in them), a bag of M&M's (which I promptly inhaled), and an Easter card.  I love doing secret gift exchanges with friends!  I'm savings all three of these books for our plane ride on Wednesday.
On Friday we had Avery's 18 month pictures scheduled, but I was feeling under the weather.  We went ahead and cancelled the shoot, and rescheduled for May 4.  Better late than never!  I did dress Avery in her new Easter t-shirt that grandma Charlene sent her and take some pictures.  This t-shirt looked super cute with her denim mini skirt.
Grandma Charlene also sent Avery a few other Easter goodies.  I went ahead and let Avery open what she sent instead of waiting for Easter.  She got two new books and a cute nightgown.
Tomorrow Avery will open the Easter bag from grandpa Rick and grandma Liz, along with the Easter basket I put together for her.  I'm also planning on doing a little Easter egg hunt in our backyard.  She has been having a ball playing with all the plastic eggs lately!

Hope you have a very Happy Easter!

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